The trend is increasingly towards products that are good for relaxation and well-being. We are online with our shop for spiritual people, 14 years online, and are always learning the latest articles in yoga and meditation, and are making our contribution to a conscious life. How do I listen to my body and what can I do for him? We also asked ourselves these questions and put our assortment together again. All new products and trends at a glance. In this overview we have new meditation articles, big therapy singing bowls, gemstones and vital carafes. A wide selection of energetic accessories with chakra motifs and flower of life. Kundalini Yoga classes for daily use.

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Bestseller waren energetisierte Produkte aus Blume des Lebens.

Vital carafes a perfect Feng Shui design in 6-wave dynamics according to the natural law of the golden section. The water in it is strengthened in its vitality and flowery in the taste. After about 1 to 3 minutes, the water in it has a vitality similar to the water from the spring in Lourdes. The production takes place according to traditional craftsmanship without heavy metal content in the glass raw material. At the bottom of all vital glass products, the symbol of the flower of life is burned into the glass. The flower of life is a symbol of the enlightened soul and has been used in ancient cultures for the preparation and vitalization of food. The perfect harmony charges the liquids in the decanter and the glasses with positive energy and transforms the environment through their charisma. Letting go and accepting, the less we defend ourselves, the easier we go through. Through to a new level of our being. In a being with clear perception, with deep inner knowledge - without beliefs. Self-empowered and free. Perception and release lead us into a wonderful new time! We wish you all a lot of strength and a high perception for the present time.